Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knit Wit

So I got it into my head recently that I needed to start knitting again because I couldn't get the same kinds of results in crochet (my current obsession) and I wanted some different textures. I've been churning out hats and scarves the past two seasons and in January I started working on shawls. I dug out the needles (size 8) and grabbed some variegated green yarn (Sensations Rainbow) and realized I no longer knew how to cast on!

Fortunately I recently acquired a book on all things needlework related and was able to remind myself. There I was off and running with these ridiculously thin needles. I cast on about 15 stitches and after painstakingly working a dozen or so rows in garter stitch (easy, right?) I had had enough.

I went out and got some nice fat size 13 (needles) and started again. In the time it took me to finish this simple scarf I could have crocheted at least four or more! The weaving in of yarn ends was no picnic either.

Of course when it was finally done I had to look for the book again to figure out how to bind off because I had never completed any knitting projects so I never learned how. I no longer have the patience for knitting. I used to find it so relaxing. I am not giving up though, I just will not be producing knitting items that often. (At least for now.)